Petition due Sunday 14th March 2021


We are asking the City of Joondalup to engage an external independent financial consultant with expertise and experience in marina and reclaimed land developments, to undertake a peer review of the Business Plan with the results made available to the public as part of the Business Plan consultation process.

Yanchep Rose found at Ocean Reef

It’s critical that we submit the attached petition to Joondalup Council before the next full council meeting which is scheduled for the16 March 2021.

The petition is designed to raise awareness to the critical nature of the business plan and the need for the plan to be peer reviewed .

We managed to receive approximately 45 valid signatures at our event this morning. This is sufficient numbers to lodge the petition but we can do better to reinforce the message to elected members that we mean business.

The more signatures the better. If you reside in the City of Joondalup and you have neighbours and friends who live in the City we need their signatures. If you could print out the attached petition and if possible aim for five to ten signatures by next Sunday 14 March would be greatly appreciated.

The petitions to be placed in the letter box of 4 Thor Court, Ocean Reef or alternatively contact committee on 0482 650 307 by text to arrange pickup on the Sunday.