The Ocean Reef Marina business plan for ratepayers of Joondalup is out!


The Bomb has dropped!

At best, the Ocean Reef Marina project is not expected to break even until 2054. That’s right an unusable burden for 34 years!

How did the project get this far! Irreplaceable coastal dunes, tribal hunting and gathering grounds, ancient quandong, the last remaining tuarts, gone!

What for? A large housing development and little open space, and the same number of boat ramps.

This places an unfair burden and liability on ratepayers and all taxpayers building infrastructure on a reef and volatile coastline!

The $5.5m ratepayers are out of pocket so far is not included in the payback date.

City of Joondalup is selling your high conservation, cultural land (11+ha) for $1.

You wanted public open space by the sea. Instead what you’re getting a small lawn by a lifeless beach.

Let your councillors know. Councillors will decide Tuesday 16th February 2021 if this business plan should go out to public comment.

Where is the public open space for current City of Joondalup residents?

View the City of Joondalup Council meeting agenda here.