Getting nervous! The protective sand dune is disappearing!


​PERTH friends & family, have you heard the term – Managed retreat ?
If you live on the coast, this is one of the options coastal engineers have recommended for properties at risk from coastal erosion.

This is a massive dilemma for property developers, local councils and politicians. It’s so big that Coastal councils in WA’s South West undertook research in 2012 (almost a decade ago) that found about $1.2 billion worth of assets were at risk from erosion between Rockingham and Dunsborough alone. Why am I telling you this ?

Well, City of Rockingham local Mark Mcgowan is pushing for more coastal erosion here in Western Australia.
Why ?
It’s good for the economy, that’s why !

I wonder if he is aware Rockingham is grappling with erosion along its 37-kilometre coastline too.

The Mayor of Rockingham (2019) said that the full impact of erosion would not be felt in his area for several decades, but the city had already spent millions of dollars trying to preserve its beaches.Makes you wonder right ? Is it a good idea to flatten sand dunes that protect the coast and community from eroding ? (already happening – Fremantle, Lancelin)Yes, no, maybe?

​Well, Marks mate Ben Wyatt (see below) believes it’s better to bulldoze big sand dunes that protect us, compact it flat and put housing on it. That way property developers can sell a better view. On ocean view is worth a lot of money. Money is good for developers, and developers are good for politicians.

It was recently reported one of the nations largest property developers Nigel Satterley and co were holding a fundraiser to get Mark McGowan re-elected.

Mr Satterley is a substantial political donor. He would not say how much he gives the major political parties beyond that it was “substantial” and he gave to both parties equally.

Makes you wonder …..

Covid lockdown for some, total fire ban for some.