Building on Dunes has never been a good idea, says expert.

So why are we building the Ocean Reef marina housing development?

Our WA Environmental Protection Agency said it was acceptable to build on the richest abalone reef, raze the protective limestone cliffs, dredge any remaining sea life, bulldoze the dunes was so OK they didn’t even assess what was happening in Bush Forever or landform.

EPA Environmental Impact Assessment 2014:

The EPA notes that the proponent has predicted 100% loss (approximately 46 ha) of Benthic Communities and Habitat within the development envelope which includes a 70m ‘halo-effect’ zone (development envelope) surrounding the proposed marina caused by increased sedimentation associated with construction activities and hydrodynamic changes. The EPA also notes that due to the altered sediment and water movement caused by the breakwaters this loss is expected to be irreversible.”

It gets worse “The proponent has predicted that changes in hydrodynamics caused by the proposed marina could result in loss of abalone up to 500m north of the proposal”

The reef, it’s benthic life, rocks, dunes, and dune vegetation are world recognised as the best defence of coastal erosion.

At an indigenous engagement forum for Perth Coastal Planning strategy this is what they said pre 2010.

They highlighted a concern that the coast should not be developed because of the unpredictable effects of the ocean and reminded the forum that the coastline itself develops protective barriers to the land in the form of substantial sand dunes. One of the Elders said “it’s only a matter of time
before a tsunami hits the coast of Western Australia. If we take away the sand dunes, there will be no protection and we will flooded like in New Orleans.•

The Elders stated that they did not want the coast developed as it would destroy their heritage sites and spiritual dreaming. According to the groups consulted, the coastal dunal system which extending from Two Rocks to Augusta is spiritually significant to them as it represents the dreaming track of the Waugal

Why do we have experts like our own Dr Mick O’Leary if we are not listening to the science?