Colours of the Underwater World of Ocean Reef

Although this beach was not planned for accessibility, once you work out the path between The Sea Rescue and the Sea Sports club, the beach is yours. Choose a calm morning, an easterly is fine as the beach and reef are protected. Make your way to a little beach area between the reef and float off into an underwater garden.

You’ll need a mask, snorkel. Flippers and a wetsuit are not necessary but will allow you to stay longer. Taking a buddy is always best. You can discover the magical world of the reef together.

The reef is covered with an assortment of sea weeds, anemone, sponges and soft corals. Rottnest has some nice snorkeling but Ocean Reef has a variety not seen at Rottnest.

Ocean Reef is a must see! Dont miss out!

Ocean Reef watery colours, shapes and textures
Ocean Reef underwater life
Ocean Reef magic