2002 market research by City of Joondalup shows Minimal Support for Ocean Reef Marina


  1. Residents did not want a marina and housing development if this meant the natural coastal environment would be sacrificed.
  2. It took a further 7 years for City of Joondalup to craft a survey to successfully market the marina to the community.  
  3. The City of Joondalup purchased 46ha of coastal land in 1980 and wanted to see a commercial return on this investment.

In 1979 attempts to build a marina were thwarted due to the community’s wish to protect and preserve the area.

By 2002 this land was recognised as Bush Forever for its unique plants and important ecological function. The richest abalone reef was protected as the Class A Marmion Marine Park, the highest level of protection a marine park can be afforded. All of these protections have been overturned for a housing development marina combination.

The 2018 Community Coastal values survey report continues to reflect the community wishes of 2002 and 1979. https://www.joondalup.wa.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Coastal-Survey-Outcomes-Report.pdf