Breakwater Construction Approval – NO Public Consultation Undertaken


  • Director General, Department of Planning confirms our worst fears, public consultation was never undertaken or considered over for breakwater construction approval of April this year.

  • It beggars belief that this day and age the opportunity to have your say as part of an important approval process was simply ignored and brushed off by the state and local authority.

  • Where to from here. Our concerned residents will not stand idle over this matter given the disastrous planning outcome. We will be actively exploring legal avenues to have the JDAP decision formally reviewed given the unacceptable situation.

It was of no surprise that the Department of Planning’s JDAP assessment panel approved the multi-million dollar construction of the breakwaters in April this year. The approval was based on information and delegation only by the marina proponents and without the knowledge or input from the local or wider broader community.

This process is totally unacceptable and is against the Ocean Reef Marina Communication Strategy which states under section 3.1 of the that:

3.1 (e) Ensure key stakeholders and the general community are adequately informed of the environmental and planning approvals processes the City is currently undertaking including, but not limited to, opportunities for public comment on the Project.

Minutes of the JDAP meeting would indicate otherwise with only deputations provided by the proponents consultants plus government departments to the JDAP assessment panel as part of the decision- making process. The public once again are ill-informed of the decision making process which is not fair and equitable and against the expectations of our community.

Proper community consultation is essential ahead of significant development approvals such as the marina breakwater construction. Without it, the community’s right to open and transparent processes is undermined.

The lack of due process has been taken up with the Director General of the Department of Planning by our legal team to seek clarification.